About Tonno Pro

In the fall of 2008, when the U.S. economy took a nose dive, a couple of brothers in Arizona who were lifelong automotive enthusiasts and founders and owners of various automotive aftermarket businesses, decided to answer the call of truck owners who needed a cover for their truck bed, but were now more cost conscious than ever. Hence, the Tonno Pro brand, and its outrageously popular Tonno Fold soft vinyl tri-folding cover, were born! Created from quality materials and backed by an industry leading warranty, the easy to install - in five minutes or less - and easy to operate, Tonno Fold cover offered a never-before-seen price for such function and features, creating a tremendous value. Truck owners responded in droves!

The emerging world of ecommerce in the automotive aftermarket was quick to embrace this new, little known brand and sales grew rapidly. Despite the immense popularity of the tri-folding truck bed cover design in general with truck owners, the brothers heeded the call of truck owners who wanted to access to the full length of their truck bed and also to be able to mount additional accessories, such as bike racks and ladder racks, to their truck. The Lo-Roll roll-up tonneau cover was born! With its good-looking low profile, it soon also became a hit with truck owners looking for quality and value.

With two successful covers in the line and awareness of the Tonno Pro brand skyrocketing, requests for a cover made of hard material started pouring in. By the holiday season of 2011, Tonno Pro was offering its new dent- and scratch-resistant truck bed cover, the Hard Fold. Made of all aluminum panels covered by vinyl, it holds up to 350 pounds evenly distributed and performs like a champ in extreme conditions including snow, ice and hail.

Truck owners continued to rave about Tonno Pro and their great service in addition to their great truck bed covers. In late August of 2015, Tonno Pro joined the portfolio of brands owned by world renowned automotive aftermarket accessories manufacturer, Lund International. Truck owners nationwide continue to rely on Tonno Pro for truck bed covers that deliver quality, versatility and affordability, and they can look forward to more innovative products that help them enjoy and protect their trucks. As all the happy Tonno Pro truck bed covers owners say ‘Get Covered with Tonno Pro!’